Would you jump with me from such a height? Would you abandon solid ground and yield to something less concrete whose depth is just a guess? Would you watch me as we fall, or would you merely see the earth grow larger til your vision is consumed by the predicament of how to land? Would you speak to me through violent winds? Would you manipulate the currents of the downfall, exploit how they contain you so to realize that moment grazed when breaking from a dream?

Would you take the step or stay? Would you answer me before I leap, or would you let me dive and only as I’m sinking back away and watch me fall alone? Would you cede to what your feet have told all this time, listen to the calloused soles who carry you complaining of the craggy ground they walk along but still refuse to leave? Would you be as eager as the air across your face? Would you be as terrified within the plummet as you are right here reflecting on its brink?

Would you jump with me from such a height? Would you worry about where to land, or would you follow the descent to where it takes you, and when you get there would you think of other places that it could’ve been? Would you make an effort to survive? Would you take solace in the gaping breath of falling through expanses so much larger than you’ll ever be? Would you look back up to where you were before you jumped, or would you find some satisfaction knowing that there’s other cliffs in other places higher up than this?

#london #stpaulscathedral #england

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