In another time I might have read your love songs.
On a different day than this I might have had
A kinder eye for warmer tidings than we met.
Had it been a brighter hour I might have
Been a bit more eloquent in reading what
You wrote to me in this makeshift vignette.

It was only in a moment that I had you.
Only in a glance to see just how it would
Have played and what this accident entailed.
And only when you evenesced did I
Become at once aware of just how much
The shadows over both of us had veiled.

But hours never care for how we’ve chosen.
Minutes pass without a word to speak of when
A memory was more than tears and laughter.
Days and years are blistered winds, and decades
Smuggle in their warped pastiche a vivid
Lie that choices made today will touch us after.

#stdenis #france

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