If I’d known how deep the evenings ran, I’d have held much longer breaths. I’ve been a bit loquacious in the afternoons when warmer tones consent to languid clauses unconcerned with time, in morning’s light when darkness is a far off thought so sunrise suffers my tautologies and periphrastic maxims without so much as questioning my point.

Now the hours quiet, and the silence is impatient for conclusions I’ve alluded to but artfully dissembled. Now the waxing moon trades irritated glances with the constellations scarcely breaking out from violet-orange skies, anxious for my tired poetry to draw its end.

Now I realize I’ve been immoderate with language only loaned to me for shorter times than what I had assumed, and I understand that with the final breath the closing syllable must do the work of every page I’ve laid before it. And now under a darker sky I find an utter lack of words.

#melbourne #australia

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