Reflections in a mirror shattered, breaking fragments of an image circumscribed by disappointments foreseen suspended in tomorrows distant and abstracted.

Somewhere there’s a dawn retreating, somewhere the horizon falls and burns, and in its heat the expectations blacken so that only dust remains to fill my lungs despite a fresher sky I thought I saw above me, a lesser instance of a moment passed in foolish preassurance.

Vultures on these hotter currents scavenging like so much carrion ambitions sloughed and rotten, singing bluebird melodies composed in silver linings colluding with the pleasant weather so to satisfy my smile and leave the peck marks long forgotten.

Deceive me with your petrichor. Convince me that your rain will bloom a flower garden, and assure me that my roots are healthy and this drowning is conducive to a stronger seed next season.

#paris #france

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