Drowning spectacle

Spare me from resuscitation. I’m not equipped to take in air that threatens my encumbered view with erudition of a keener point, that stabs me into seeing with a deeper inhalation what it is that I evade by breathing shallow. – Just until the tide retreats, just until the moment when I break the surface […]

Calypso’s altar

He had a dashboard Jesus who he named Calypso, and he doodled lines in ballpoint pen between the pleats of Calypso’s robe while he sat in traffic. He prayed that the cars in front of him would move, that the seemingly endless line of taillights and blinkers drawing to a point somewhere near his exit […]

Trust that I will steal you

Trust that what I steal from you is nothing consequential. Trust I rightly am the perfect person that I claim. Find in me a place to hope this isn’t accidental. Find me in a place where all that’s permanent is pain. – Linger with me here and wait for breeches in my patience. Linger in […]

Words eroding

It’s as if I’m always walking on the edge of words eroding, waiting at the precipice where language falls away to push another phrase and watch it sink–as if the evanescence of a voice provides the substance of my conversation, so I speak at length in dialects too thick to stay afloat. – I’m a […]

Her garden

It’s not the raven’s song that breaks her, but the epitaph its feathers write in shadows on the flowerbeds she grows, the prayer beneath its talons clutching seeds before the sunlight breaks and evening makes the garden sleep. – It’s the sweet bouquet of closing roses, not the thorns that make her bleed. – It’s […]

Too much traffic

Too many fissures In the road to Fill today, and One too many Shovel loads Already on my back. – Too much rain Or too much heat To pour the Concrete right. – Too many cables Still to hang, And too much Amperage running through For me to touch. – Too many switches In the […]

Apropros of something

I find convictions in the vacant space enclosed by curves of question marks, draw conclusions in the hollow underneath a semicolon where the independent clauses almost touch. – I argue on the hyphens of negated phrases and rebut from crooks of commas laid before subordinate conjunctions as they lean on stronger phrases for support. – […]