Diabolical villains the world over were both enamored by and loathsome of his wanton malignance, his insatiable hunger for the most ignominious scandal and the licentiousness with which he tried to sate it. The quintessence of monstrosity, his unscrupulous repudiation of empathy fueled what can only be described as an abomination so feculant and macabre that no episode in all of history approaches it. Truly, no human utterance can presently describe the grisly spectacle of butchery, the homicidal pogrom of unprovokedly executed felony that he unleashed upon his countless victims, nor should any morally balanced individual be capable of doing so.

Humanity has suffered at the hands of this grotesquery, and no amount of justice shall lace a single stitch into the gaping wound he’s ripped through us with his measureless iniquity. But rest assured we may be that he’s securely locked away within the most vigorous and stalwart facilities technology can offer. Let us only hope they hold him, for even now an unconstrained and inalienably violent bearing swells behind his very eyes, and what schemes and plots his heinous mind is hatching we shall not dare to guess.

Photo credit: sharpshutterstudios.com

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