Every so often you’ve got to let a ghost go free, unburden moments clenched in yesterday’s embrace when air is stagnant and the wasted breezes limp and halt.

Every now and then the weather tolerates a change of mind. The strata loosen just enough to suffer the escape of recollections smothered in the sand of hourglasses, remnants of an ebbing tide and culling verses spoken under weighted days that call attention to an hour lost.

From time to time it’s best to cleave the vestige of a younger self, to trim away polluted apparitions trailing in the wake of days that ought to be abandoned.

So sometimes when I glance behind me it’s to see exactly where the shadows lie, to profit by the sharper vision of the present time and cut away a poor, exhausted breath before it dies.

#melbourne #australia


  1. This is so beautiful. I love the first line, that sometimes we have to let ghosts go free. I can definitely relate to that as I am sure most people can. Nicely done!

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