Just an instant prior to a dream, a lucid moment when the outside finds a vein in which to travel through my sleep, I heard a crow call to its murder that a man lay dying somewhere. Songbirds silent on the wires sagging lonely outside my window pane.

Leaded glass and vagrant sashes. Shades closed up and rusted, letting sunlight through in slips of blood-maroon that spill across my eyes and paint their lids morosely. All these hours washed away and vanished in a doubtful sleep. Close my eyes for hours and awake a second later, days like seeping ocean swells and slowly draining ballast.

Daylight slit and sterile, pale and incandescent mockeries of waking nightmares. Blackbirds on a street lamp culling shadows from a dream with songs I’ll only know tonight. And so I close my eyes again and wait as feather silky black compose the words.

#melbourne #australia #CBD

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