To step so near the brink of this and never jump, to parse the abstruse landscape mapping out its convoluted paths like so much sinew twined and twisted through my body, tracking down a single cell of blood and then to let it go. Like every sudden precipice that begs of me to plummet gaping […]


Early in the morning underneath low-hanging clouds, wind pressing through canals and onto streets to goad the waking people to their jobs, I idled in black coffee steam for some insinuation that the sun would rise, some subtle hint beyond the hooded sky that warmer breezes might be waiting. – Condensation on the streets made […]


My hope is that this falling rain will Wash away the masquerade, Saturate the masks and costume jewelry Til they soften and disintegrate. – The play’s gone on for long enough, And though the set is beatiful, The weather’s just too much to bear, Too cold a wind is blowing through To keep these paper […]

The villain

Diabolical villains the world over were both enamored by and loathsome of his wanton malignance, his insatiable hunger for the most ignominious scandal and the licentiousness with which he tried to sate it. The quintessence of monstrosity, his unscrupulous repudiation of empathy fueled what can only be described as an abomination so feculant and macabre […]


But only when the whirring mass finally halted did I hear your voice, and by then it was too late. If only I’d have traveled more quietly instead of wailing with the rest of them, instead of counting every revolution by these words that now are useless. – #melbourne #australia

Threads of smoke

Only in a thread of smoke, The fleeting signal of a wick Snuffed out and crying. – Only in the raindrop Passing through a light At midnight when it screams A golden au revior to those Of us who choose to look away. – Only when the terminating Grain of sand passes through A bottleneck, […]

Every now and then

Every so often you’ve got to let a ghost go free, unburden moments clenched in yesterday’s embrace when air is stagnant and the wasted breezes limp and halt. – Every now and then the weather tolerates a change of mind. The strata loosen just enough to suffer the escape of recollections smothered in the sand […]