Odd as it may be, I’d rather be awake today.
Morning seems too vivid to regard
Behind a dream.

Nice as it may seem to idle here
In this vignette, to listen through
Patinas to the rain against the siding lessen
Under pale light disguised by unobservant eyes,
The colored sky today is more surreal
And romantic than the figments woven by my sleep.

Dark as it may get tonight,
The sun beyond my shuddered window
Now is warmer and more intricate
Than fictions written by the cold and simple moon.
Perhaps the waxing light will burn
Into the hazed veneer of sleep
Enough transparency that I’ll awaken.
Perhaps I’m up already and I’ve only
Just effected some acknowledgement
That waking up is best.

Have you ever had a dream so
Luminous and lucid that you don’t
Notice you’re awake until you fall asleep again?
Have you ever gone to sleep a bit forlorn because
The day you left behind won’t come again?

#sanfrancisco #haightashbury

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