Pardon me for making all these contradictions. It’s a symptom of the craft that words grow incoherent in the portrait of a spoken image, when letters won’t emulsify and insights set to early, clotting on the brush before it strokes the canvas.
Pardon me for strewing sentences on pages so haphazardly without concern for readings, scattering these veiled and unenlightened marks, demanding accurate distillations of the sedimented thoughts they represent.
Just take my word that somewhere under all the muddy water there’s a current slipping cleanly. You’ll surely need to wade more deeply than you’d like, and even then you’ll be hard pressed to read beneath the weight of innuendos any sort of indication that the sense is very clear, so I apologize in advance for drowning you in aimless syntax just to say a simple thing you probably already knew.

#paris #france #siene

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