Something tells me that I’m better off hiding beneath my words, eclipsing what I really mean with shady references and whimsical allusions. Perhaps I’ll spend my days in metaphors and similes, tucked in shadows under overpasses listening to traffic and tossing pebbles at the roofs of cars so that they barely know I’m there as they pass by. Because when all is said and done the only thing I’ll leave behind is what I’ve said, and I’d prefer to leave a pleasing ghost to speak for me when I’m gone.

So I’ll make capacious sentences and paragraphs whose inky shade conceals obscure interpretations of a person in disguise within the gaps of streets and sidewalks, close enough to you that what I say is scarcely heard but heard enough that you might wonder if the words I’ve said are really yours, letting absence be my presence and censorship my conversation, ambivalence and doubt the theories I profess, and letting nothing but a vestige of the denotation in my verses linger any longer than their uttered sounds.

#melbourne #austrailia

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