It’s just a little lighter now,
Despite the Sun’s refusal
To take refuge in the vast expanse
Of grey that drapes above
And steals our shadows
From behind us,
Replacing contradictions with
Ambiguous agreements
Stripped of innuendo.

Morning’s a little closer now.
I can tell because
The air is lifting
Even though the clouds
Suppress the turn
Of our horizon,
And beneath the rain the
Weight’s no longer
Too much to bear.

So we move a bit more freely now
Between the burdened
Drops of rain that
Trace a thousand
Different paths from
Heavy skies to saturated ground,
And in the looser air we
Breathe a deeper breath
And cry a little less
And finally get to sleep,
But sleep’s no longer what we want,
So we veer through the absurdity
Avoiding what our eyes
Suggest are raindrops
But we know to be
The tears we’ll never cry again
Because the night is over now
Despite the moonlight that
Refuses to dissolve.

#paris #france

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