Sometimes I’m not too fond of light.
Sometimes the darkness calls me,
And I answer it with lonely smiles.

When evening lets a viscous flood
And drowns the sun in shades of
Violet black consuming waking hours and
Devouring the day, I sometimes hope
It takes me with it,
Takes me in and suffocates my spirit
In its broken grace.

Sometimes the sanguine hours of evening
Whisper memories of pain.
Sometimes I listen closely as
My tears caress a smile
Before they spill onto
The soil beneath my feet to
Quench the flowers.

All the little seedlings
Drinking on my pleasant sorrows,
Germinating in the scars
And sprouting up through love I’ve lost
To bloom beneath the night.

Blooms beneath the perfect grief of
Lost and perished love,
Opened up to savor
Memories that never were,
Recollections hidden in the years
You might have lived,
Lovely little flowers springing up
To kiss the winter that you left.

#london #england #chelseagardens

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