There’s a place I’ve never been to but I’ve traveled by a lot. When I was young I used to watch as we would pass the path that lead there, never seeing quite where it ended but imagining a place I wished to go to all the same. The trees that hedged the road there split the sunlight into sheets, like planes of gold that crossed it holding vortices of dust within the breeze.

Sometimes the road was rocky and sometimes was smoothly paved. Sometimes a creek would chatter nonchalantly by its side, carrying away the rain that must’ve fallen, though I never saw a cloud.

When I was old enough to take myself, I often thought I’d turn, thought I’d make it there before the sun was broken through the leaves of trees and only fleeting spears of light came darting through to show the way. But it was always late, and I was always tired then. And there just wasn’t any time for wandering when evening knew my name.

There’s a place I’ve never been to but I travel by a lot, an old familiar place with many footprints moving through its quiet streets. There’s no one there, but I won’t mind; I’m sure I’ll be at home, and I could walk amid the silence and converse with thoughts I might have known, could see the faces of the ones my memories might one day hold.

It’s just from here it seems so far, that place that I could go, and the day begins to blue as I approach road where I would turn, and the trees pick up the evening’s grey and lose their leaves to sleepy gusts of westward wind, and I can see that place as clear as day before I close my eyes and sleep.

#london #england #chelseagarden

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