The Amstel river ran over this place before they stopped it, choked it back for the convenience of the city as it swelled. Now I watch from where its bank would be as voices flood like bedlam all amongst themselves with no distinction.

Fractures in the concrete fan out from rail tracks no longer used, as if the ghosts of deltas leaking up to claim some stolen current. Suppose they opened up and swallowed all this mass. I’d like to stay and let them wear away the ground beneath me, take me in and drown me in the force of the river’s repossession.

But instead I stand here at the shore and listen to the dissonance rise above in waves, tangling with steal and glass and sprawling over pavement flows that caricature the water they displace.

I can’t help but feel I’m not entitled to the air I breathe just now, can’t justify the ground that holds me up as I step into the square and drown myself in music bold enough to taunt the water slipping patiently nearby.

#damsquare #amsterdam #netherlands

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