My flower garden

Sometimes I’m not too fond of light. Sometimes the darkness calls me, And I answer it with lonely smiles. When evening lets a viscous flood And drowns the sun in shades of Violet black consuming waking hours and Devouring the day, I sometimes hope It takes me with it, Takes me in and suffocates my […]

Effigy of time

Time has a way of tricking us into thinking that it’s real, as if the passing of a day can somehow be measured by the numbers on our clocks, the years we live reduced to check marks on a calendar, days with names crossed out and put behind us. I watched a sunset once rest […]

A little broken

What am I but something broken, Some scattered pieces of a better plan Always on the mend and limping painfully Without a place to catch my breath And sew together all the bleeding cuts. Who is this but sorrow’s gentle touch, Stroking patiently the scars of wounds Which healed only shallowly And always sting a […]

Choir song

At times I wonder if when the music ends I’ll be able to embrace the silence. When voices run short of things to say, and only subtle whispers trail like wisps of smoke before they evanesce, if I can rest among them satisfied I’ve listened to them well. It’s true I’ve grown accustomed to a […]

Harold’s morning kiss

The fog was lifting slowly, keeping Harold in his dream. It was oddly cold for spring, and beneath his window crocuses had not begun to bloom. Harold moved in fields so warm and humid that it seemed as if he’d found himself in the open space between his lips. It was getting late, too late, […]

The place I go

There’s a place I’ve never been to but I’ve traveled by a lot. When I was young I used to watch as we would pass the path that lead there, never seeing quite where it ended but imagining a place I wished to go to all the same. The trees that hedged the road there […]

Stone and I

Just stone and I and nothing else. Just grains of time like dust embedded in the pillars holding up this semblance of life, making shadows from the light so that no matter where I stand I won’t see far. Just stone and I and nothing else. No friendly words to to tell me that tomorrow […]