Near my hotel was a park where the shadows stayed up late. They played beneath the trees, mimicking the artful breeze that knitted through the branches and stretching like rebellious sundials from their trunks. Every night I walked through that park on my way from the city and its lights. I left them both behind, […]

Still Life With Dishes

It’s early in the morning. A residue of moonlight still coats the sky, and on my walls it paints a golden blue patina. I turn in bed to face the window, so I can smell the sun in the distance lift the dew from blades of grass and change it into air. Dishes clatter from […]

Another Arrival

The flight attendant smiled, said welcome to Paris in French, her words unspooling in the current to dance a moment before they coasted off. Had she made another phrase it could’ve been the same, he could’ve smiled and moved on. Or he could’ve stood a bit too long in the doorway of the plane to […]

Intricate Modern Tapestries

Beneath its dark, steel feet people gathered.  Some craned their necks to catch subtle bends in the spire as it dodged accidental clouds, addled by the height before they’d even reached a step. Some took photos of of their loved ones, laughing as they clapped through slowly waning puddles being drank up by depressions in […]

Places of Worship: The New Religious Environment

Fewer and fewer aspects of analog life remain without a digital referent. As cyber-technology flourishes, much of humankind seems enthusiastic to adopt new media for purposes both mundane and extraordinary—from grocery shopping to discovering love. The internet has become a channel for fulfilling (or, at least, discussing) nearly every human need, and, among them, religion […]


Here, we turn the mirrors over when we don’t enjoy the view. When we see them scratched or chipped we throw them out and cut one new. But then we leave the fingerprints and oil streaks and smears, So that if we have to look at them we can’t quite see them clear. The shattered […]