Patience for the Sun

MY MOTHER ALWAYS says that we suffer more at nighttime, when everything slows down and we finally notice ourselves again. When the din of our busy lives fades out, it seems that all our ailments grow more severe. I agree. Although, I find it less the case that I lose focus of myself amid the […]

it drives

It drives. It drives me down and black. She drives me down through pantheons of mortuary blue, Breathes, with empty lungs, her spreading plumes of hot intoxication. Thick rose wine heals these splintered nerves, In attenuated deltas irrigates the bright-black floodwater, pulses. Pressing, stop. Pressing, stop. Pressing, pleasured, absence, stop. I collapse with her in […]


Rain never falls in the same place twice. No, thousands upon thousands upon countless volumes quench the same site of the same thirsty earth that they’ve watered since the first hydrogens, in an anarchic plume, the father of that that imbues the lungs then blood then body then brain, collided with oxygen and, together too […]