If ever encountered beneath traveled turf

a tiny and timorous being,

the reverent man shall offer his hand

for want of his sentiment’s keen.


The man of intel shall propagate voice,

and help calculate plans of egress;

but never shall dust be graced by his touch,

for tender his skin and his dress.


The grower of corn will make known his scorn,

but punish the beast e’ shall not

just scoop up his loam and set him to roam,

and continue to sow of his plot.


The jovial comic shall come to his aid

with relief of a frivolous tone,

but only takes pause for a most selfish cause,

to seize him for laughs of his own.


From a man of whose insights are mortared with time

comaraderie is most oft’ engendered.

Yet, his brawny conversance aids not with disbursement,

for to age have his fibers surrendered.


The younger is stronger in will and in force,

but his counsel is shallow and vain.

On his shoulder the meager may escape into leisure,

but from discourse should want to abstain.


A resemblant rapport abides in these legions,

not on talent, nor intent, relied.

For man and his lesser are matching in measure

when both in one climate reside.

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