My Abbreviated View of a Glance at a Truncated Snapshot of How Enlightenment Philosophies Helped Lead to the French Revolution, and Made Room for an Impirialist Dictator

       Eighteenth century France was an atmosphere of rapidly escalating civil volatility fueled by unrest among sharply contrasted social classes. The French aristocratic class ruled with flagrant affluence, achieved largely at the expense of their socioeconomic subordinates. This distinction of status founded on privilege was certainly nothing new. However, there was a “perfect storm” of […]

Stopping the Clock

      Be it across an ocean, over a state line, or merely down the block, individuals the world over at one point venture to relinquish the aegis of their parents. Innumerable factors take part in one’s final decision to disengage from familial support, not the least of which are the assumed, or adopted, societal norms. […]

Always Loved

Time delivers life, and Time takes it back. Time is ahead of us all, and is behind us always. Relentless and indiscriminate; Time is our friend, our enemy, and our kin. Time knows no face, and calls us not by name. Always in abundance, but never quite enough; Time passes all too fast, and is […]

Ho, Ho, Hold back a bit.

Far be it from I to wantonly tarnish the splendor of the Holiday season. To moor the Christmas Spirit with an anchor of Grinchery is most certainly not my intent. The notion is merely to reel it in a bit, to wrangle it down from the lofty height that over the years it seems to […]


If ever encountered beneath traveled turf a tiny and timorous being, the reverent man shall offer his hand for want of his sentiment’s keen.   The man of intel shall propagate voice, and help calculate plans of egress; but never shall dust be graced by his touch, for tender his skin and his dress.   […]


       I awoke with a fit. My eyelids, sprung to attention, afforded no smooth transition into the searing light that came in sheets from the single window. I had no use for an alarm clock. Every morning, as far back as I recall, had begun as such. Even during the greyest of winter months, the […]

Literary Analysis: “The Imp of the Perverse” by Edgar Allan Poe

I highly recommend reading Poe’s short work, before enjoying my analysis of it.     The Imp of the Perverse first appeared in Graham’s Magazine (Philadelphia), Vol. XXVII July, 1845. Although no original manuscript has been found, there had been several published revisions between 1845 and 1850. The later works were thought to have undergone […]