Tidal sun

Tell me that the tide misspoke. Tell me that it doesn’t know The name I thought I heard. Tell me as it overtakes the sand Beneath my feet that it’s not Conscious of the keepsakes buried there. – Bring me consolation in the Vagueness of its whisper. Let me wash away a burden In the […]

Coffee stains

Some find their solace in means and escapes. Some find escaping their means gives them solace enough– His wife had golden hair that framed her face with swollen coils on Sundays when she prayed at church. Her jewelry stole the flames from candles on the alter, sharpened it on diamond facets and cast it back […]

Skipping time

Still life of the moment when tomorrow brings a random wind compelling edges nearer than they ought to be today, the glance of yesterdays in waiting on the turn of chance encounters weighed against decisions carried out, a portrait in an accidental confluence of light rays to accentuate the shadows where reflections of an instant […]

Storms not passing

Following from fading light A rainstorm passing by. Listening to tears across The soil make their peace And reassure the earth That it’s alright to take its fill. – Swallowing the bitter dose Of evening grey to Heal the wounds from Harder days retracing One by one mistaken Steps I might be taking still. – […]

A week’s harvest

Monday and I finally see the clouds are breaking, letting bare the sun upon this garden sown with roses black and glassy, making shadows of their stalks that don’t betray a thorn. Tuesday and the drops of rain evaporate from blades of grass that took their fill too early so that now they cannot drink. […]

A river’s edge

I wish I were a swimmer. I wish the current wasn’t quite so fast or water quite so cold. I wish that I could see through all the silt eroded from the shore to make the river cloudy and my footing on the banks right here a little less secure. I want to build a […]


I’ll light a candle every night you’re gone. I’ll make a ritual of missing you So that some semblance of what used to be Is present in the flame before it burns away. I’ll press a finger in the wax To see an imprint that you gave to me And watch it threatened slowly As […]