Thank you for your interest in AwkwardlyPenned.com. My name is William Erickson, and I am a student, a tradesman, a writer, and an amateur photographer.

I’ve done a lot of different things in my short time here. Every once in a while, I stumble on something that I not only enjoy doing but that I don’t do too badly, either. Consider this site an aggregation of the efforts I make in creating with one of the few tools I feel I’ve got a decent ability to wield, a space for expressing and for improving and, sometimes, for coping. This is a space for pictures of all sorts, textual, visual, conceptual. In this space, you can find some of the stories that I tell often–edited and unedited, long and short; unfiltered prose and verse; essays, both academic and not; works of fiction; collaborative, multimedia hypertexts; and works of hyperfiction. Some of the works here have been published in Washington State University’s LandEscapes journal as well as Clark College’s award winning Phoenix.

My primary goal is to create a space in which I can practice my craft and record the endless process of trial and error so inherent to storytelling. But I do hope that those who choose to visit indeed enjoy their time here and choose to visit again, perhaps often.

I post short, often impromptu, work regularly on Instagram, where I combine my love for traveling, photography, and writing in all its modalities. All of those posts are simultaneously published here. Longer works will show up from time to time, as time allows, for all of us are at its mercy.

Again, thank you for visiting this space of mine.