I counted on the blush of sun to wash a crowded thought today, the play of sanguine tones against a river making mirrors of the angles cut in whitecaps to subdue the din of concrete walks and conversations. I placed my trust within a haze of rose-hued moments sewn and scattered where the water fills […]

Water fall

Carry me to greener grass Beneath a canopy of trees Whose pleasing shade is Cast to heal me when the Heat of day is burning. Leave me here to breathe The silence spoken in the Mist that whispers promises In subtleties of water passing by. Burden me to understand The patterns of a stream that […]

Sporadic evening

It was evening, and sporadic rainfall punctuated hours of balmy heat, like ellipses of an early autumn day, uncertain in the shift of dusk if summer would continue. The weather left a glassy polish on the street that hurried sharp across its pavement rapid shards of over-saturated red and yellow light, bright beneath the sagging […]

I could be falling

I could be forever falling. I could be the winter-withered dust assumed in sighs unsettled and retreating, a vague contingency of daylight witnessed pale and wilted in illusions painted on an evening sky before it cools. I could yeild to the mirage of peaceful seasons. I could linger in allusions to a fleeting state of […]

Molten days

Tell me the horizon cries with tears of auburn burning, rusted days decayed and molten copper sunsets bled and empty. Tell me evening comes disguised in blue to cool the seething mass of bedlam melting, silent to the viscous notes of flooding rose bouquets and flaxen smoke consumed. Hear me from the glass reflection braced […]

I’ll take a burden

I’ll make them mine to carry, All the burdens and the Weight you suffer to forget. I’ll remember all the bitterness And dredge the hurt so that Your passage is forgiving, And I’ll walk ahead to take The thistles and the thorns That overgrow the road to come. I’ll cut away the roots and Clear […]

No time for silence

There isn’t time for silence here when moment after moment thaws away, where days are pearls of water frozen in a colder year to polish cliffs with tears of every instant passed. To watch the sky in drifts of ice become a river, to feel an hour melt from eras long before me into winds […]